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Meet our Team

Christie Dabney, YFS Founder & Certified Fertility Holistic Doula

  • Christie is the founder of YFS and a certified fertility holistic doula and medical assistant, starting her career over 20 years ago when she found her calling in fertility care at her first job in Beverly Hills, California, in 2002. By the time she moved to Las Vegas in 2012 and joined a great fertility team, she had a decade of hands-on experience guiding patients through fertility treatment.
  • As an IVF Case Manager, Christie has continued her hands-on education with top fertility specialists in the area, continuing to expand her knowledge in the areas of infertility and its treatment options. She also maintains relationships with pharmaceutical reps so she can always have the latest information about IVF medications.
  • Christie’s passion led her to start YFS and she is excited for the opportunity to continue to serve couples on their fertility journey.

Khaliyah Hayes

  • Khaliyah is our front office lead, as well as an experienced herbalist, whose extensive organizational skills help guide our families toward healthy food and herbal intake.
  • Khaliyah leads our front office team, who handles a variety of different tasks for our patients every day. Their primary job is ensuring that your encounter with our office goes smoothly, from greeting you at the front desk to ensuring that you leave our office with all of the information you need.
  • “I try to ease the hardship of people who are struggling to start a family and do what I can to reduce their infertility stress,” she says. “I’ve learned to be patient and listen a lot, and to approach people with compassion. YFS gives people hope by making the journey to fulfilling their dreams possible… and being part of that, feels good.”



Medication instructions (Worldwide)

At YFS, we help patients with injection instructions. We serve you where you are: at your work, home, or on a family night out. Wherever you may be, we will offer safe and reliable, professional of your medication by Certified Medical Assistants and/or IVF Case Managers.

Via Zoom 30 mins $50 in person 30-45 mins $100


Organization and Education

At AFS, we help to simplify the process, which in turn increases understanding of your daily IVF schedule and how it all works together. We help you create a journal that helps chronicle your journey, while easing your stress. We explain what your medications are for and help with figuring out how to stay organized throughout your treatment process. We help with contacting your clinic with any questions you may have, in addition to providing 3rd party concierge services. We are here even if you just need someone to talk to about what you are going through… "A listening ear" we are here!

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Holistic Doula

- Preconception care

- Assistance with Fertility treatments

- Support before and during pregnancy

- Postpartum Support

Benefits of Having a Holistic Doula

- Physical Support

- Emotional Support

- Educational Support

- Increased likelihood of a successful pregnancy

How Holistic Fertility Doulas Support Clients by Referral

- Bodywork (Massage, acupuncture, etc.)

- Mental techniques (visualization, meditation, etc)

- Nutrition and lifestyle advice

- Referrals to fertility clinic if needed



What does YFS Offer?

We offer personalized guidance and support, to encourage growth and healing during your fertility journey.


  • Evaluate any previous fertility treatment & discuss your objective to form an impression on how to simplify the fertility process.
  • Counseling you and your partner’s nutritional intake & lifestyle practices to form an impression on what to optimize during your fertility journey.
  • Create a food journal to follow and make sure your food intake and vitamin intake is adequate.
  • Access to an extensive referral database.
  • Health education on what to expect during your fertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).



  • Bi-weekly virtual check ins ( 60 mins) via Zoom
  • Monitoring of healthy balance diet
  • 24/7 email text phone support



At YFS, you can book fertility support hourly or you can purchase a package. Check out our prices here:

  • Individual Sessions.
    • For $150, you will have a 90-minute session and assessment to better understand your history and goals.
    • For $30, you will have a 60-minute fertility support session.
  • Package prices:
    • 4 weeks for $400
    • 8 weeks for $700
    • 12 weeks for $1100


Saul Goodman

They are amazing staff. Their professionalism shown has been wonderful.
They communicate very well their patients and are very caring.

Sara Wilsson

Our Fertility Simplified staff is amazing and made sure everything was explained,
and I felt comfortable the entire time. Thank you all!


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